The Power of Blessings

Friday, September 30, 2011
Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words cannot harm me. We all have had that said to us in times past. It's a lie, I was told that it wasn't but I have found out that it is.

What people have to say to you and about you and because of you is very powerful. With only a few short words a persons day can be changed from good to bad and or bad to good.

The power of blessing one another can change a persons outlook, hopes and dreams. Just as it takes only one degree to move 211 (a non boiling temperature) to 212 degrees. So are the power of a few words when water is boiling at 212 it has the capablility of moving something that could not move such as a locamotive. Jacob blessed his sons into their destiny, Simeon blessed Jesus when He was born on this earth. The apostle Paul, blessed the churches that he wrote to. Who could we change today by speaking great and mighty blessings?



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